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Hairdryers have long since been a staple appliance in many households but they only create a ruckus with their high noise levels , are a hazard to the environment , and the extremely high-temperature heat  damages the hair causing it to lose its natural moisture and shine – making it look dry, dull and withered.

As a solution to your problems and for the sake of healthy hair, Swim Dry brings to you a noise-free, healthy and an eco-friendly means to dry your hair.  The new  Microfiber hair towel made out of super soft microfiber fabric, it retains the hair’s natural moisture and its high-water absorbency ability dries hair more effectively without causing damage. The Swim Dry Head Wrap has 2 buttons so it’s easily adjustable to suit the size required.

Available in a variety of colours white, teal, navy, coral, tan and grey !

Not only is the hair drying wrap smart and practical but also chic and stylish.

Make the switch now to repair your hair’s damage and restore the natural shine and moisture of your scalp.


1 review for Hair Wrap – Grey

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