About Swim – Dry

Our swimdry towels were specifically designed catering for the swimmer/sportsmen and traveller. 

Swimdry has pioneered the latest revolutionary breakthrough in the towelling industry, Microfiber Towels. Innovation and ground-breaking technology have combined to produce a textile dream – superbly engineered Microfiber fabric. Swimdry has used this to re-invent traditional towelling by being the fore-runners in South Africa in Microfiber for human use. Swimdry’s innovative approach has resulted in a phenomenal range of fashion-forward, lifestyle-friendly superior quality Microfiber products. The endless benefits over traditional towels fuel our business whilst we remain responsive to revolutionising modern living.

Our acclaimed and quality-driven international factories are ISO 2008 certified to produce scientifically-tested and exclusive products of unrivalled quality and durability. We are here about the future in which we connect people, their lives and their needs to state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge design through providing trend-setting products. Swimdry aligns itself to the highest production standards in order to deliver a must-have range of products. Once you have experienced the myriad benefits of Microfiber you will never opt back.


We at Swim-Dry pride ourselves in being a well-fledged company. We are the hallmark of innovation in Microfiber and our management and design teams together with our superior international factories are transformative in aligning to principles of top-quality, fit-for-purpose products.

Due to the fierce market for Microfiber products it is imperative to compare when making your purchase. 

Our ground-breaking Micro-replication technology is elite in the Microfiber textile industry and allows for the splitting of fibres which increase the surface area for absorption. These quality strands are .01 to .02 measurements more dense which trebles the durability – we boast threads that are 100 times thinner than the human hair! Many microfiber products may be sufficient for utility but not for use on the human body.

Our 90000- 225000 density count combined with an 80-20 ratio of polyester to polyamide is the perfect blend and weave for plush and tufted drying.  Quality costs and quality construction is not always obvious. The Swim-Dry label is a guaranteed quality assurance that delivers a fabulous, feather-soft feeling against the skin whilst still driving away moisture in a matter of seconds.