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What Makes SwimDry Different

We at Swimdry pride ourselves in being a well-fledged company. We are the hallmark of innovation in Microfiber towels and our management and design teams together with our superior international factories are transformative in aligning to principles of top-quality, fit-for-purpose products.

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Swimdry Towels are anti bacteria

Swim - dry

Pledging customer responsiveness by initiating a new range of Microfiber towels that have been primarily produced for corporate and promotional branding. These products are perfect for printing and aim to meet customer-specific requirements.

We are offering a great deal in products for commercial use and a chance for you to brand the South African coastline and beaches through our superior Microfiber corporate/promotional product range. We can customise any product for a range of corporate events such as golf days, swim meets and team-building.

Through progress, technology and innovation we can revolutionise your company image.
This is the next step in keeping your company and its branding moving forward!

swim dry towels
swim dry towels
swim dry towels
swim dry towels